Earn trust - then worry about the rest.

Last week saw the inaugural EPIC (Everything is Possible; Integrated Communications) conference held in London. The stellar line up of key note speakers truly crossed the integrated divide - industry heads, promotional professionals, data gurus, influencer experts, the brilliant Peter Docker and also winner of The Apprentice, and digital agency owner, Mark Wright.

Two common themes emerged out of the presentations from this eclectic mix - those of trust and collaboration. Although discussions focused, in the main, towards the end consumer, it was evident that these subject matters were every bit as important among the suppliers that serve the integrated community. Specifically, with regard to the production and print arena.

Many will claim that these principles are a given of any offering but too often we see them sabotaged in an attempt to impose a commercial model that best suits the supply chain rather than the end customer. Circle shaped solutions sold to fill square shaped challenges. A race to the bottom line to get the lowest number in a spread sheet cell.

With the rise of Procurement as a key player in the decision-making arena it is more important than ever for production partners to broaden their vocabulary to ensure it includes input as well as output. Tina Fegent, probably marketing procurement’s sagest mind, alluded to just this when she spoke as part of a panel discussion at EPIC. Her view is that objective setting has to involve all parties and should be done collaboratively at outset.

True collaboration requires all stakeholders to speak a common language, to identify each of their objectives and to work together with enough agility to ensure that those objectives are achieved. To be able to authentically articulate and implement this way of working, and not just pay lip service to it, adds a value that offers stand out against competitors who resist it.

This is the type of approach that creates relationship. That will engender trust. And as Zig Ziglar says, “If they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Steve Baynes



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