Spoilt for Choice

Sporting nicknames are, in my opinion, a thing of beauty. Sardonic, ingenious, ironic and just damn funny, they are to be celebrated. My favourite ever was the one bestowed upon a Queen’s Park Rangers defender – but more on that later.

We have recently completed a project with one of the country’s bigger retailers. Our remit was to identify savings and efficiencies in process across their supply chain - specifically in relation to the spend on their in store collateral. It was interesting to uncover just how much of the marketing team’s time was taken up with administrating the production process. Especially around the asset journey from great idea to finished content.

In recent years, not only has content exploded into many fragments but so have those offering to produce it - whether that be print, digital, online, broadcast and all of the further segments therein. Over the last 15 years or so repro houses have reinvented themselves as Production Houses, Print Managers have become Marketing Services Companies, Technology Providers have bundled in creative and production services and manufacturers are now trying to go direct. Where production is concerned the traditional view of above, below or through the line has been replaced by a blurred line.

What we are seeing, with alarming frequency, are clients struggling to navigate this content corridor. To know what lies behind each door and, more importantly, if that solution fits the core requirement. And here’s the rub. More often than not the requirement is exclusive to each individual client. This, de facto, requires flexibility in the solution and not just a commodified package that clients have to squeeze into their way of working. It requires round shape solutions for round shaped challenges.

For some time now, 'to couple or de couple' content production has been a major talking point amongst marketing teams as they seek cost efficiencies. But the question is deeper than that. It lies at the heart of how clients implement solutions both from a cost efficient and a time effective perspective. It requires understanding of the operational needs alongside the production requirements. It requires a deeper understanding of what the actual requirement looks like. It requires investigation and discussion about how any solution may be implemented and its added value beyond its core purpose. Because most challenges will invariably be unique.

The imperious Dave Trott, in a recent Campaign article about what ‘brand’ stands for, outlined why one size does not fit all. He was, as usual, correct – it does not. Unless it refers to one of the greatest ever nicknames in sport. The defender mentioned earlier was a certain Fitz Hall – I’ll let you do the maths.


At theSPC standing for something is exactly what we aim to do. Our stand is to leverage industry experience, expertise and insight to help brands, their agencies and suppliers to do the right thing, when it comes to their marketing production. We strongly believe that there is a right way to manage production and the production supply chain for each of our clients and we commit to uncover and implement it.

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